Celebrating 75 years in business

The year 2022 marks a major milestone for FLANDERS. We’re so proud of this milestone accomplishment we’re celebrating all year. We have made it to this juncture thanks to all the people of FLANDERS. Exceptional tenure, leadership, and daily commitment to safety, quality, reliability, productivity and our company values are essential ingredients to the FLANDERS success story.

Likewise, we owe gratitude to our clients and partners—many of whom we have worked with frequently over the course of decades. We consider ourselves fortunate to have earned your trust.


We started as pioneers in our industry and that spirit prevails at FLANDERS today. We’ve been fixing, engineering, and making industrial motors since the 1940s and we’re consistently expanding and upgrading our business across industry and products today. We created ARDVARC autonomous drill technology that has been adopted as an industry leader. And we continue to push boundaries through out-of-the-box problem solving.

FLANDERS has fixed and engineered motors and technology for mining and infrastructure industries all over the United States and abroad. From Evansville to Africa to Australia – we became known for our ability to tackle the biggest challenges and develop solutions.


At 75 years old, this company’s experience is storied, and our track record is solid. Some of those highlights include:

  • Up to 30% productivity gains with ARDVARC Autonomous Drill Solution, when compared to manual drilling
  • 30% higher speeds for haul trucks with FLANDERS controls and upgrades to FLANDERS AC traction motors and drives
  • 12% efficiency gains for draglines with DC to AC dragline retrofits using FLANDERS controls and excavators-duty motors and drives
  • 24% productivity gains for shovels with adaptive controls and superior FLANDERS motors
  • 850+ employees across the globe and growing all the time

Today, we are standing on the solid foundation our history provides. But we refuse to rest. It’s not in our company’s DNA.

We’re growing like never before. We’re expanding our scope of solutions and services. We’re employing new technology. And we’re continually raising the bar for safety, quality, reliability, and productivity.


“FLANDERS turns 75 this year. It is a significant milestone, that few companies accomplish, and this makes us proud. Our 75th anniversary is a celebration of FLANDERS legacy, its long journey, who we are today, and our exciting future ahead.

FLANDERS today has evolved into a global partner of choice, transforming vision into value. The future of our business is extremely positive, and we see our future expansion and growth in new products and regions, constantly diversifying and making sustainable contributions to our customers.

Reflecting on our journey so far, we would like to acknowledge and express thanks to our many valued customers for their trust, support, and continued commitment to us.

To our employees, old and new, thank you for the valuable hard work you put in each day. Your efforts enable us to meet targets and achieve our goals, and with your determination, we will go from strength to strength.” -John Oliver, CEO, FLANDERS

Change is constant but one thing will always stay the same, the FLANDERS’ approach to collaboration and performance – our partnership culture is forever here. It’s what shapes the experience of working with our team. Count on it.

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