Field Services

Our Motor Exchange Program

Enroll in our Motor Exchange Program, and we’ll carry the overhead of keeping backup motors on-hand for your critical machines, ready for rapid exchange when your machine’s motor needs in-shop repairs.

Contact us to learn more about the program.

Transitioning to predictive maintenance (PdM)
Through our Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) services, our machine experts can help you

  • Define the optimal parameters, frequency, and scope of machine inspections;
  • Outline easy-to-follow, standardized inspection protocols;
  • Put the right tools in place to make it easy.

Tracking machine health using WISDOM

We perform thorough, standardized machine audits using our cloud-based WISDOM machine health tracking platform for data collection and reporting.

WISDOM gives your people in the office immediate access to field inspection data, and the system has a direct link to our global parts inventory for immediate service planning.

Specialized field service
for motors and generators

Onsite motor reconditioning and rewinding

From cryogenic cleaning to commutator turning and undercutting, we can keep your industrial motors and generators in peak condition. For many industrial motors we also offer onsite rewinding—including onboard large commercial ships while they’re in port.

Field engineering

Tailoring technology for real-world conditions

Our field engineers work hands-on, from project specification through commissioning, to make sure the solutions we develop meet the needs of your specific application and operation.