Machine & Fleet Monitoring

We can bring your older machines into the era of predictive Big Data analytics.

Get the machine intel you need for predictive maintenance

Track variable machine conditions with precision

FLANDERS develops and implements advanced machine and fleet monitoring systems, providing invaluable decision support for predictive maintenance planning and execution.

Key Benefits
  • Service timing. Extend the useful life of your machines with better-timed service.
  • Cost control. Minimize costly downtime and maintenance costs.
  • Risk mitigation. Avoid catastrophic failures.
  • Scheduling and logistics. Better coordinate service and parts delivery based on early alerts.
  • Fleet management. Centralize oversight and data for multiple machines, machine types, and operations.

We can equip your team with intelligent technology to make the transition from reactive to predictive maintenance.



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We can modernize your machines with state-of-the-art systems for monitoring machine health, so you can extend the life of your machines and save your operation money with timely predictive maintenance.

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