Industrial Generators & Alternators


Steel and aluminum mill generators

For older, obsolete steel or aluminum mill generators still in operation we can service, repair, or rebuild them to as-new specifications—or upgrade them for higher output and improved power factor correction when paired with a FLANDERS synchronous motor and upgraded control system. Our custom manufacturing capabilities enable FLANDERS to build any power system parts that are no longer available.

We can also replace old mill generators with newer technologies and help you plan and execute other plant modernizations—including drive system and automation upgrades.

Our mill offerings

Motor Exchange Program

Stay up and running during generator and alternator rebuilds

FLANDERS has a full complement of generator motors and alternators available through our Motor Exchange Program, so you spend zero downtime time waiting for in-shop repairs.

When you enroll in our Motor Exchange Program, any time you need to pull a motor for in-shop repairs, we quickly deliver and install a replacement motor, then refurbish the one that needed repair to commission-ready status as your new spare.

We rebuild and rewire exchange generators to as-new OEM specifications using advanced manufacturing processes and technologies, so you can be confident you’re getting a top-quality product.

Repairs, rebuilds & upgrades

DC to AC retrofits

Switching machines to solid-state energy conversion

For the right applications, switching from DC to AC can truly transform the power, control, and efficiency of your machines. DC to AC retrofits can significantly reduce maintenance as well: solid state energy conversion simplifies the machine, plus, in the upgrade process we often convert a machine from air cooled to liquid cooled, eliminating the need for air filters.

DC to AC upgrades

Field service for
alternators and generators

Available 24/7 anywhere in the world

In addition to alternator and generator repairs, rebuilds, and upgrades, FLANDERS offers full field services for power conversion systems. This includes onsite builds, component installations, reconditioning motors back to spec, troubleshooting, diagnostics, and preventative maintenance.

For draglines, we also offer a special inspection-based predictive maintenance program, anchored by our INVISION machine health monitoring system.

Field services