Custom Control Systems

Challenge our team to redefine what’s possible. We love greenfield controls projects.

  • SureTrip™ – A novel FLANDERS control system

    Boost mining shovel dipper trip reliability to 99%

    • Having seen first-hand how frequently surface mining operations lose production time due to failure of electric rope shovel dipper-trip systems, the FLANDERS Field Services team asked our engineers to develop a better system for our clients.

      The resulting solution: SureTrip™

      The SureTrip dipper spool reel applies constant tension during the dig cycle to maintain full control over the tripping cable. Combined with delivering optimal torque, this ensures reliable, consistent gate activation.
      Problem solved. Productivity increased. Operator frustration gone.

      SureTrip also eliminates the wound motor found in conventional dipper trip systems, reducing downtime for routine maintenance.

      Learn more about SureTrip, used by mining operations worldwide

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      We can install and integrate SureTrip™ on any electric rope shovel in one preventative maintenance day.

  • Optimized Bank Performance (OBP) – FLANDERS adaptive controls

    Enhance mining shovel hoist power

    • OBP tracks real-time data on mining shovel boom and gantry stresses to enable operators to maximize hoist power when it’s useful, without compromising the shovel structure.

      An extension of our FREEDOM Controls & Automation platform, OBP feeds FREEDOM’s adaptive control algorithms to further enhance the performance of mining shovels upgraded with FLANDERS crowd motors.

      While we developed this control system extension for mining shovels, we can readily adapt the core technology for cranes, hoists, and other applications.


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  • Advanced PLCs

    Increase efficiency with intelligent controls

    • Our controls engineers can help you improve the functionality and reliability of your process automation system with more advanced programmable logic controllers (PLCs):

      • Migrating PLC hardware platforms (e.g. Siemens S7 to ControlLogix)
      • Upgrading PLC’s to latest generation (e.g. Siemens S5 to S7 to TIA Portal)
      • Improving the automation process by integrating high-speed sensors (distance lasers, position feedback, RTD’s, encoders)

      We’ve developed custom PLCs for applications in metals, plastics, food packaging, mining, and many other industries.

      Our systems integration team can also collaborate with you to complete a safety evaluation and help define risk mitigation strategies.

  • Custom controls for manufacturing

    Automate assembly machines and work cells

    • AS an R&D house with state-of-the-art custom manufacturing capabilities and UL 508A Panel Shop, we have special expertise in developing motion controls and automation systems for manufacturing assembly processes.

      Past projects have included:

      • Motor-manufacturing work cells
      • Automotive conveyor systems, headlight work cells, and specialized hoist end effectors
      • Medical industry assembly fixtures

      Work with us to develop specialized machines for your manufacturing line.


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