Quality, Reliability, Efficiency

Energy-efficient AC motors are finding their way into new applications daily. FLANDERS manufactures and sells AC induction, wound coil, and synchronous motors in all shapes and sizes for any application. With in-house coil manufacturing up to 13.2 KV, and 110-ton crane capacity, no AC motor is too large.

Our proprietary coil manufacturing process incorporates Class H insulating materials and resins that provide a 100% void-free insulation system. Rigorous coil testing following ISO 9001:Certified documented procedures is conducted throughout the manufacturing and rewinding processes. Extensive final testing is performed on every new motor, including full voltage testing running up to 13.2 KV.

FLANDERS Designed-for-Purpose MAC 1024 Motors

The FLANDERS MAC 1024 AC excavator-duty motor outlasts and outperforms other OEMs’ AC excavator motors. To see a demonstration of our AC solutions system working against a standard 824 DC motor, view the video below.

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