We are a full-service, electrical apparatus and rotating equipment service center specializing in the repair, remanufacture, and replacement of large AC and DC motors and generators.

  • 24/7 On-Call

    Field engineering & service 863.510.0555

  • DC to AC Motor

    And drive conversion

  • Distribution Sales & Motor Exchange Program

    For motors, drives, and critical spares

  • Drive, Control and PLC

    Troubleshooting, repair, and commissioning


    • Call us anytime, day or night. Our machine and application experts are here to keep your operation running smoothly, safely, and efficiently. Our field engineers work hands-on, from project specification through commissioning to make sure the solutions we develop meet the needs of your specific
      application and operation.

      • 24/7 on-call phone number: 863.510.0555
      • On-site testing and repair
      • Turnkey removal, repair, installation
      • Emergency troubleshooting
      • Predictive/preventative maintenance (PdMA), vibration analysis, thermal imaging, motor circuit analysis
      • Laser and mechanical alignment
      • DC to AC motor/drive and controls troubleshooting, conversions, repair, and commissioning.
      • Cryogenic cleaning
      • Field engineering
      • Custom control design and manufacturing

    • At the Lakeland RSC, we repair, overhaul, and upgrade DC and AC machines and generators using technologically advanced FLANDERS materials and processes. Both in the shop and on-site at your operation, we can provide state-of-the-art testing and diagnostics for AC and DC motors.

      • DC/AC motor and generator repair up to 10,000 HP
      • Horsepower upgrades
      • Gear reducer repair and rebuild
      • Pumps: submersible, centrifugal, turbine, horizontal, split case, and positive displacement repairs
      • Full-service machine shop
      • Electro-plating
      • Dynamic balancing up to 25,000 lbs
      • Blower repair/rebuilds

    • Both in the shop and on-site at your operation, we can provide state-of-the-art-testing and diagnostics for AC and DC motors of any size, horsepower, and duty.

      • Load testing
      • Heat runs
      • High voltage testing
      • Vibration analysis
      • Thermal imaging
      • Motor circuit analysis
      • Non-destructive testing

    • A Siemens Solution Partner with extensive experience modernizing mill and manufacturing control systems, we also develop and optimize ABB, Toshiba, Rockwell Automation, Danfoss, and GE solutions.

      • Control system modernizations
      • DC to AC motor and drive conversion
      • Drive, control, and PLC troubleshooting, repair, and commissioning
      • Custom controls design, engineering, and manufacturing