We offer installation support and the sustainability of autonomous drill and shovel fleets throughout Brazil.

  • Blast hole drill automation

  • Shovel automation

  • Manufacturing and repair


    • Call us anytime, day or night. Our machine and application experts are here to keep your operation running smoothly, safely, and efficiently.

      • 24/7 on-call phone number: +31.9.9673.0329
      • Emergency troubleshooting
      • Field engineering
      • Design and field engineering

    • At the Itabira Field Office, we repair, overhaul, and upgrade DC and AC power systems in our 3,ooo-square-foot facility using technologically advanced FLANDERS materials and processes.



      With our motor exchange program, for a set fee we’ll keep backup motors reserved for you in our inventory, ready for rapid delivery and installation if we need to pull your current motors for in-shop work.

      After we do the motor exchange, we restore the original motor to like-new condition and you cover the costs of those repairs, just as you would if we were going to reinstall the original motor in your machine.

      Our Motor Exchange Program keeps your operation running with less overhead burden.

      • 1,500 square-feet of storage, 100% climate-controlled
      • 100 total critical pieces of on-site inventory for autonomous drills