Utilities & Energy

FLANDERS has worked closely for many years with the power generation industry, providing proven solutions in engineered control systems, electric motor repair, new product innovations, and field service to utility companies and coal mining operations.

With the increasing focus on electrical energy production from renewable sources such as solar, wind, hydroelectric, biomass, and nuclear, we’ve applied our expertise and quality focus to serve this broadening customer base. FLANDERS’ quality products, repair expertise, and proven system solutions are cost effective and reliable; a perfect match for the needs of today’s renewable power producers.


The reliable and efficient movement of fuel is critical to coal-fired power plant operation. FLANDERS provides expert service and repair services for the electric motors, conveyors, and systems motors that move fuel to the furnaces. Our engineers can suggest system improvements to increase reliability and decrease operational costs.

Wind Energy

A natural fit for our core competencies, FLANDERS specializes in custom power distribution, power controls, power conversion systems, and generator and motor repair for the utility-scale wind turbine generation industry.

Repairs to all components of utility-scale wind turbine generation systems are conducted by our highly trained technicians in the field or in our world-class facilities which offer lift capacity up to 110 tons.

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Hydroelectric Power

The original non-polluting power source, small- and utility-scale hydroelectric generation, produces roughly 7% of the electricity in the United States. Integrating the power produced into the national energy grid requires constant monitoring and control.

FLANDERS’ engineered control systems, maintenance and repair services, and commitment to innovation and product improvement are closely aligned with the needs of the hydropower industry.

Nuclear Power Generation

A nuclear power plant is an incredibly complicated machine, one that is enormously dependent on the reliability of its electrical components for safe, long-term operation.

Whether your needs are for front-end control panel designs, turn-key maintenance programs, or engineered retrofits for the new direct-drive, variable-speed cooling tower systems, FLANDERS is proud to partner with the nuclear power industry.