Surface Mining

FLANDERS is on the forefront of innovation for the surface mining industry.

We repair more dragline motors than anyone else in the world, and we’ve developed numerous repair processes and component upgrades to provide dragline motor repairs of unprecedented quality. Our DC dragline upgrades produce machines of unmatched quality, reliability, and efficiency compared to typical DC MG sets. We’re also proud to have made history by completing North America’s first AC dragline upgrade.

Sixty-five years of experience in electric shovel motor repair led FLANDERS engineers to develop high performance, “drop-in” OEM-replacement shovel DC motors with higher RMS ratings, improved commutation, and greatly reduced maintenance.

FLANDERS’ newly developed, award-winning SureTrip™ motor and drive combination make dipper trip issues virtually disappear.

Our revolutionary ARDVARC® (Advanced Rotary Drill Vector Automated Radio Control) drill automation system can help you improve safety, improve productivity and enhance machine life cycle management.

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