We specialize in new equipment sales as well as machine repair work for the mining, power generation, mill, oil and gas, marine, plastic, chemical, and aggregate industries.

  • DC and AC

    Motor and generator repair

  • 24/7 On-Call

    Field engineering & field service 307.237.4099

  • New Electric Power

    Equipment sales and distribution

  • Motor Exchange Program

    For rapid delivery of critical spares


    • Call us anytime, day or night. Our machine and application experts are here to keep your operation running smoothly, safely, and efficiently.

      • 24/7 on-call: 307.237.4099
      • Emergency troubleshooting
      • On-site testing and repair
      • Turnkey removal, repair, installation
      • Field engineering
      • Field balancing and vibration analysis
      • AC and DC drives and controls troubleshooting and repair
      • Predictive/preventative maintenance (PdMA)
      • Laser and mechanical alignment
      • Cryogenic cleaning
      • Fully tooled field service trucks
      • On-site commutator resurfacing

    • At the Casper RSC, we repair, overhaul, and upgrade DC and AC machines using technologically advanced FLANDERS materials and processes.

      • 42,000-square-foot repair facility
      • DC and AC motor and generator repair
      • Full voltage DC and AC testing
      • Power distribution center
      • Full service machine shop (can swing 42” in diameter)
      • VPI (5’) and overdip tanks
      • FaroArm coordinate measuring system
      • 10,000 lb dynamic balancing capabilities
      • 14’ x 9’ x 11’ bake oven
      • In-house manufactured replacements
        • Armature
        • Bearing parts
        • Blowers
        • Brush rigging
        • Collector rings
        • Commutators
        • Equalizer packs
        • Interpoles
        • Main fields
        • Shafts
        • Stator coils
        • Telemetry

    • Both in the shop and on-site at your operation, we can provide state-of-the art testing and diagnostics for AC and DC motors of any size, horsepower, and duty.

      • Full Voltage (7200v AC, 600V DC) load testing and heat runs/thermal imaging of AC and DC motors
      • Load testing
      • Vibration testing
      • Core loss
      • Thermography