SA ADS Update

On the 08th of June 2022, the Mogalakwena team had the pleasure of hosting the Anglo Group CEO, Duncan Wanblad, Group & Anglo- American Platinum board members and executives.

The team visited the ADS control room and got to experience the thrill of the 2 level 6 autonomous drills which started drilling on full level 6 autonomy on Monday the 6th of June. The two operators that demonstrated the Flanders L6 technology have been a part of Mogalakwena’s automation journey since 2019 (Khomotso and Joel). They were part of the OneTouch UAT, then the L5 Tele-Remote UAT and implementation, and now the L6 Commissioning and implementation. These operators have grown with the technology and are leading in a new era of work in the mining industry. They are part of the AA people who demonstrate that we can implement whatever we can imagine. Khomotso took Duncan through the system and highlighted the critical safety

Really positive feedback from the Board. This is the best they ever witnessed in any operation, Stuart Chambers mentioned; The talent, The team, The positive attitude, The willingness to improve, The drive for technology, The respect, The culture, The diversity


Message from Khomotso, Level 6 operator:
“My experience with the visit was great. Everyone who came to the command center was very impressed with the full autonomy that has started recently on the new 271 drill rigs. It was such a great and fun experience to present the entire operation. Personally, I love being in a room full of people I look up to and explaining to them about automation because it is my favorite part of my job. One day I would love to work in automation as it is very interesting and not risky without dust, less noise, and producing quality holes. It makes my job easier. As a young person I enjoy doing something new, I love change and working with computers.
I thank Mogalakwena mine for giving me this opportunity as a young girl coming from a small community of Ga Malepetleke Village”