The Anglo partnership aims to standardize the autonomous drilling fleet

FLANDERS is committed to enabling Anglo American to be a world leader in drill automation across its various sites, allowing Anglo to standardize equipment for greater safety and productivity through autonomous control.

Anglo’s Mogalakwena mine is the first to standardize its drill fleet, having now received three PV271 drilling autonomously. The ARDVARC solution improves drill productivity by up to 30 percent and provides a significantly safer working environment for workers operating in complex or hazardous conditions. With its autonomous operating technology, FLANDERS helps its customers pro-actively optimize drilling and increase plant availability.

The FLANDERS team is working with Anglo to plan the conversion of the rest of their existing fleet. The ongoing partnership will help accelerate Anglo’s adoption of drilling automation technologies, enabling superior performance.

Executive visit to Mogalakwena

During June, the Mogalakwena team hosted the Anglo Group CEO, Duncan Wanblad, Group & Anglo- American Platinum board members and executives.

The executive team visited the ADS control room and got to experience the thrill of the two-level six autonomous drills, which started drilling on Monday the 6th of June. The two operators demonstrated the ARDVARC L6 technology that has been a part of Mogalakwena’s automation journey since 2019.

Next-gen technology

The first (of four) brand new Sandvik 410i drill is currently being converted to a FLANDERS’s ARDVARC autonomous solution at the state-of-the-art Middelburg, South Africa facility.

FLANDERS continues collaborating with leading OEMs to accelerate automation solutions, which will be industry-changing. These integrated offerings will enable the automation of manual drilling, improving safety, decision making, consistency, and efficiency in drilling.

The Mogalakwena team was part of the ARDVARC OneTouch roll-out, then the L5 Tele-Remote implementation, and now the L6 commissioning and implementation. The operators have grown with the technology and are leading in a new era in the mining industry.

Comprehensive Training

The FLANDERS Academy of Autonomous Technology provides comprehensive training to site personnel, focusing on two main streams: equipment operators and maintenance personnel. 

Our comprehensive operator training is focused on functionality and designed to impart all necessary knowledge to get the most out of mining equipment.

Through this partnership, FLANDERS demonstrates its commitment to delivering an autonomous solution that enables mining operations to achieve higher consistency, safety, and efficiency with improved drill hole quality.