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FLANDERS Receives ‘Premier Reseller and Trusted Partner’ Award

May 9th, 2017

FLANDERS has been presented with the honor from Helwig Carbon of being named a ‘Premier Reseller and ‘Trusted Partner.’ FLANDERS was one of two companies to receive the award and multiple FLANDERS locations were recipients: Evansville, IN, Lakeland, FL, and Longview, TX.

“Helwig has been a great vendor of FLANDERS for many years, we have enjoyed our long standing history with them and look forward to continuing the relationship.” – Lee Slater, Purchasing Manager

Helwig Carbon Products, Inc. has been producing a full-line of precision-machined carbon brushes, brush holders, and mechanical carbons for over 86 years. Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Helwig Carbon remains one of the last American owned carbon companies.

Seen in Photo (Evansville, IN): Randy Neitz (Helwig Account Manager), Tom Leunig (Helwig Business Development Manager), Lee Slater (FLANDERS Purchasing Manager), Mike Byers (FLANDERS Midwest Regional Service Center Director), and Chris Sensenbrenner (FLANDERS Production Manager)

Seen in Photo (Lakeland, FL): Tom Leunig (Helwig Business Development Manager), Ed Seaman (Helwig Account Manager), Todd Griffin (FLANDERS Sales Manager), Scott Failing (FLANDERS Lakeland Regional Service Center Director)

FLANDERS and ART Technology Strategic Alliance

May 4th, 2017

FLANDERS and ART Technology have formed a strategic alliance to provide our customers a heightened level of support of new integrated electrical and automation systems dedicated to mill control systems. Automation solutions will now be available on several hardware platforms at varying degrees of automation. This alliance allows for each company to lean on their strengths and provide more complete solutions to our customers.

Through FLANDERS’ alliance with ART Technology, FLANDERS is now able to offer revamping of rolling mills in a short mill stoppage, especially in the replacement of existing automation system type KS2100, Vantage, DS21 or System 21. These solutions apply to all types of rolling mills: roughing, plate, hot and finishing, cold, tandem cold, foil, temper, skin pass, and z-mills.


FLANDERS is a global leader in motors, drives, electronics and control systems for heavy industrial machines. The privately owned company has 70 years of experience in engineering, manufacturing and servicing large electrical rotating equipment and systems that bring massive machines to life. Today, FLANDERS develops some of the most advanced controls and software for heavy machines in the connected era of Big Data, and also continues to provide its trusted hands-on repair of motors and electrical systems.

FLANDERS has offices, warehouses and regional service centers across the United States and around the world. Our facilities and operations are located in North America, South America, Australia and Africa. Corporate headquarters is based in Evansville, Ind.

About ART Technology

ART Technology is an industrial company specialized in the supply of automation system installation and services comprised of a long history of experience with metallurgical process but also in several fields of industrial activities requiring a high level of expertise in process control. ART Technology’s competency responds to the complete supply of automation solutions including: Hardware and equipment design, software design and engineering (system, network, instrumentation), automation software for the control and regulation as well as process level 2 and Mathematical models. In addition, ART Technology has developed a complete software suite product line that proposes to our customer high level solutions and technologies


FLANDERS Expands Service Market into Fort McMurray, Canada

April 2nd, 2017

FLANDERS, headquartered in Evansville, IN, USA, has expanded motor repair service and distribution market into Fort McMurray, Canada by taking over operations of a local repair facility previously operated by ABB as of April 1, 2017.

“We are excited to complete the transaction and welcome the team to the FLANDERS family,” said Allen Patterson, COO of FLANDERS. “Expansion into this sector of Canada allows us the opportunity to better serve our customers in the oil sands with AC motor repair, wheel motor repair, and shovel motor exchange. We look forward to better serving our partners in Canada.”

The FLANDERS Fort McMurray Regional Service Center will be led by Ken Unruh. Unruh has over 30 years of electric motors experience, from repair to motor design, with Westinghouse Canada. The Fort McMurray Regional Service Center is fully-equipped and will immediately employ 6 locally. “Our new presence in Fort McMurray allows us to service customers with motor repairs up to 2500 horse power. This also opens the market access to FLANDERS’ repair network of 9 locations in the US with a total of 15 around the globe. Our Midwest Regional Service Center possesses the capability to execute repairs on the largest motor repairs in the industry,” says Unruh.

The FLANDERS Regional Service Center in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada will continue to expand services and grow local expertise. Our mission of serving our customers will guide us in bringing long-term value to all that we serve.