FLANDERS to exhibit & present at The Electric Mine 2023, May 23-25 in Tucson.

The Electric Mine 2023 conference is back and being held in Tucson, Arizona, and the team is excited to exhibit and present over the three-day event! The conference is shaping up to be the biggest yet, with all major mining companies signed up to interim and final emissions targets, which require surface and underground equipment fleets to ultimately move away from diesel while minimizing its use in the short term through hybrid solutions, trolleys and alternative fuels.

There will be a large focus on hydrogen fuel cell and battery electric solutions, and as electricity use increases in mining, there will be discussions around the importance of on-site energy infrastructure to store and distribute renewable power. We’re looking forward to these topics being covered in depth. The program offers a platform for mining companies, OEMs, service providers, and research institutes to exchange ideas on best practices within this fast-changing sector.


Taking collaboration to new levels with tailored solutions

The FREEDOM Haul Drive Drive Solution is a power source, OEM, and truck type agnostic, modular, and flexible to grow as the technology matures.

MODULAR | Drive component modules allow the same hardware on your entire mixed fleet of trucks.  This simplifies maintenance, spare parts inventory, and training to maximize the reuse of existing truck components.

FLEXIBLE | The system is easily expanded as you move down your decarbonization roadmap.  Your entire fleet can use the same decarbonization technology regardless of model or OEM, specifically tailored to each mine profile.

SUPPORTED | Instead of buying new trucks, maximize the investment in your existing fleet by upgrading to a modern and fully supported traction system.  FLANDERS has provided electrical innovation in mining for 75 years, with service centers located in all major mining areas around the world.


Agnostic Approach for Decarbonization of Existing Mining Haul Truck Fleets

FLANDERS CEO, John Oliver, will present on day one of The Electric Mine 2023 conference.

“The plethora of existing diesel-electric and mechanical drive mining haul trucks presents an opportunity and need for decarbonization upgrades and conversion technologies that are scalable and leverageable across various machine designs, sizes, and configurations.

An agnostic haul truck electrification solution platform with the flexibility to adapt to various emission reduction solutions and truck classes. The FREEDOM solution allows mining operations to choose the technology and energy source configuration that best fits their fleets and meets corporate decarbonization goals while offering consistent operator and maintenance interfaces, spare parts inventory, remote monitoring, and flexibility for the incorporation of future technologies. These features are applicable across various truck manufacturers and offer an opportunity to decarbonize and re-utilize existing fleets in a time that can be significantly more aggressive and cost-effective than the expected availability of new commercialized configurations from the various OEMs.”

World-class boots on the ground support

FLANDERS employs nearly 850+ personnel globally and is a premium and cost-effective supplier through 15 global locations and a multi-lingual team; FLANDERS is equipped to support you in your country and your language.