FLANDERS Australia Hits Double Digits with 10th AC Dragline Upgrade

In a significant stride towards sustainable and efficient coal mining operations, FLANDERS Australia, located in Brisbane and Perth, has recently achieved a noteworthy milestone by securing a contract to upgrade a DC to AC Dragline at a prominent coal mine in Queensland, Australia. This move is a significant step towards enhancing the sustainability and efficiency of coal mining operations.

This contract marks FLANDERS’ tenth AC dragline upgrade project and Australia’s second AC dragline upgrade. The Australian mining sector, a crucial pillar of the country’s economy, continuously seeks technological advancements to ensure efficient, safe, and environmentally conscious operations. This agreement reflects FLANDERS Australia’s dedication to contributing to these goals.

The project involves converting a DC-powered dragline into an AC-powered one utilizing FLANDERS’ purpose-built, excavator-duty AC drives and motors, a shift that has proven to lead to reduced maintenance expenses, heightened productivity, increased energy efficiency, and improved safety. This transformation aligns with the ongoing trends of electrification and decarbonization, which are crucial for achieving operational and environmental objectives.

A notable aspect of this endeavor is the collaboration between FLANDERS Australia and its counterpart, FLANDERS USA. The primary components required for the upgrade, the first two hoist motors, have been produced by FLANDERS USA and have now arrived in Australia. This partnership highlights FLANDERS’s global influence and expertise, further solidifying its reputation as a dependable supplier and a worldwide leader in electrification.

Additional motors will arrive in the coming weeks, totaling 14 over the next several months. These motors are meticulously assembled and equipped with various auxiliary components by the skilled team at FLANDERS. After integration, the motors will undergo thorough testing using the FLANDERS AC Drive system, including brake bedding. Rigorous stall testing and certification of brake holding capacity will guarantee optimal safety and reliability in operational settings.

This upgrade is projected to yield multiple benefits, with improved productivity and enhanced reliability at the forefront. The shift from DC to AC power promises increased efficiency, minimized downtime, and optimized output, all pivotal in the evolving mining industry’s success and profitability.

FLANDERS possesses over 75 years of expertise in electrification, making it a leading authority in the field. This project builds on FLANDERS’s prior experience with AC drives, including the helper drive on a UDD machine and the first complete AC dragline upgrade at the same Queensland coal mine.

The contract signed by FLANDERS Australia to upgrade the DC to AC Dragline at a Queensland coal mine represents a substantial advancement in the mining industry’s technological landscape. The collaboration between FLANDERS global teams and their expertise holds the potential for heightened productivity, enhanced reliability, and improved operational efficiency. This accomplishment underscores FLANDERS Australia’s commitment to driving progress in the mining sector, solidifying its role as a steadfast and forward-thinking partner in electrification solutions.

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