FLANDERS and Anglo at Dawson Mine: A Decade of Partnership and Success

In two weeks, FLANDERS will be celebrating a remarkable milestone – a decade of dedicated service at Dawson Mine. Over the years, FLANDERS’ relationship with its long-time client, Anglo at Dawson Mine, has grown from strength to strength, marked by a series of achievements and collaborative efforts that have left an indelible mark on the mining industry.

Looking back to 2013, the start of this enduring partnership was modest, to say the least. None of the machines’ DC motors or generators at Dawson Mine bore FLANDERS’ repair service tags. However, fast forward to today, and the transformation is nothing short of astonishing. Across the three Draglines and two Shovels, 56 pieces of equipment have been expertly repaired or supplied by FLANDERS Australia. This represents a significant financial commitment, a testament to the trust that Dawson Mine has placed in FLANDERS.

Beyond the equipment, FLANDERS has been a constant presence on-site, offering unwavering support for the three Draglines and two Shovels. Field engineers have dedicated approximately 500 weeks of their expertise. This commitment to Dawson Mine’s success has solidified FLANDERS’ position as a trusted partner.

One defining moment in the history of this partnership was the inception of FLANDERS’ Mechanical Field Service division. Dawson Mine’s decision to exclusively utilise FLANDERS Mechanical Field Service for all their shutdowns specialised Motor Generator Set work a clear testament to the exceptional quality and reliability of FLANDERS’ services.

Not only has FLANDERS provided invaluable services to Dawson Mine, but it has also embraced the role of a talent incubator. The company has recruited and nurtured three outstanding individuals from Anglo Dawson Mine. Josh Goodwin, who joined in 2017, is now a Director of Autonomy at FLANDERS. Ben Hegerty, another 2017 recruit, currently serves as the Lead Field Engineer for AC Draglines in Australia. Brodie Smith joined in 2017 and is now the Lead Application Engineer for AC Draglines in Australia.

FLANDERS has gone above and beyond by supplying Dawson Mine with contract Supervisors, Electricians, and, in recent years, the Lead Electrical Project Engineer/Manager for their major shutdowns. The partnership extends to the booming Drills segment, with a prosperous future on the horizon.

The FLANDERS team has been a beacon of dedication and hands-on support, setting it apart from conventional OEM support engineers.

Reflecting on the journey that began in November 2013, it’s clear that FLANDERS has come a long way. It has become a pivotal partner in their success story from a relatively unknown entity at Dawson Mine. The support received from the Dawson Mine team, both technically and mentally, has been instrumental in cementing the bond between the two entities.

As we look ahead, the future appears promising. FLANDERS and Dawson Mine stand shoulder to shoulder, ready to overcome challenges and seize opportunities in the dynamic mining industry. The achievements of the FLANDERS team at Dawson Mine are a testament to their unwavering dedication and exceptional service. Well done, FLANDERS team – this is a remarkable success story of collaboration, commitment, and progress.