Driving Growth and Partnership for FLANDERS

At FLANDERS, we believe in forging strong partnerships with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to drive growth and maximize business potential. As the Business Development Director – Product and Service Integration, Todd Griffin plays a pivotal role in developing these strategic relationships. With his extensive background and experience in the industry, Todd brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his current position.

Todd’s career journey is a testament to his dedication and adaptability. He began his professional life in the phosphate industry, gaining valuable experience in various mining and chemical operations roles. Seeking new challenges, Todd transitioned to the motor repair industry, spending almost two decades at Burnett Electric Motors. During his time there, he honed his skills from the shop floor to the front office, ultimately serving as the General Manager, where he gained a comprehensive understanding of the business side of industry.

2005, Todd joined FLANDERS at our Lakeland, FL, Regional Service Center (RSC). He initially supported different areas, including purchasing, operations, and sales, which provided him with a holistic view of the company’s operations. Recognizing his potential and dedication, Todd was later assigned as an account representative in the sales department, serving customers across various industries in the Southeast US.

Due to his exceptional performance and leadership skills, Todd was promoted to the position of Southeast Regional Sales Manager in 2010. He spearheaded sales and business development efforts across the Southeast US, the Caribbean, and Colombia in this role. In 2018, Todd took on the responsibility of General Manager for the Lakeland RSC, overseeing the center’s profit and loss, sales, operations, and safety aspects. After FLANDERS’ corporate restructuring in 2021, Todd moved to his current role as the Business Development Director – Product and Service Integration.

As the Business Development Director – Product and Service Integration, Todd works closely with OEMs to develop partnerships that benefit both parties. FLANDERS leverages its extensive experience and capabilities to support OEMs as a component, system, or service provider at a higher volume than the end-user market segment. This collaboration allows FLANDERS to tap into new avenues of business growth.

Cultivating strong relationships with OEMs is crucial for FLANDERS’ growth strategy. By collaborating with OEMs, FLANDERS can add base load volume to various areas of its business. This increase in volume optimizes utilization rates, lowers burden rates, and fuels ongoing investment in the company. The OEM market segment presents significant opportunities for FLANDERS to expand its presence and contribute to the success of its partners.

Collaborating with FLANDERS brings numerous benefits to our customers. Many OEMs face challenges related to supply chain issues and the availability of skilled personnel. FLANDERS fills these gaps by providing capacity support or becoming the primary supplier of high-quality products and services. By relying on FLANDERS’ expertise, OEMs can focus on their core strengths and enhance their business capabilities. FLANDERS’ ability to deliver solutions promptly, from concept to delivery, further reinforces the benefits our customers enjoy.

An excellent example of FLANDERS’ collaboration with an OEM is our involvement with a major international motor manufacturing OEM. They require manufacturing support to meet a tight schedule for numerous large sync motors. The FLANDERS team will provide the necessary assistance to meet the customer’s deadline. By working together, FLANDERS will enable the OEM to secure the order and deliver exceptional results.

FLANDERS distinguishes itself by offering comprehensive capabilities tailored to meet OEMs’ specific requirements. FLANDERS provides end-to-end support from engineering and design to manufacturing, installation, and commissioning. Moreover, FLANDERS represents OEMs’ products through local shop and field support, further enhancing their market presence. As an OEM ourselves, we understand the importance of safety, quality, reliability, and productivity, which enables us to deliver exceptional value to our OEM partners.

As the Business Development Director – Product and Service Integration, Todd Griffin plays a vital role in fostering partnerships with OEMs and driving growth for FLANDERS. With a diverse background and wealth of experience, Todd brings unparalleled expertise to the table. By collaborating with OEMs and leveraging FLANDERS’ extensive capabilities, we aim to continue delivering innovative solutions, expanding market presence, and creating mutually beneficial opportunities for all parties involved.