Leadership Team

Roy Patterson – Chairman

Roy Patterson - Owner/Officer

Roy Patterson – In Memoriam

The patriarch of the family business, Roy spent his entire career in the electrical apparatus industry, beginning with mechanical training in high school. Upon joining the Navy, Roy was sent to Purdue University where he focused on electrical engineering. He then served as chief electrician on a World War II ship for more than two years. After returning home to Evansville, Roy became an employee at FLANDERS in the late 1940s, where he brought his experience in DC and AC electric motor repair, DC and AC rewinding, welding, machining, and trouble-shooting. He and a partner, Bud Havens, purchased the company from Frank Flanders in 1962, retaining the original name, Flanders Electric Motor Service, Inc. (which was rebranded in 2012 to FLANDERS).

Knowing that downtime on the motors and huge stripping machines FLANDERS repaired could cost customers tens of thousands of dollars, Roy’s business plan as the new FLANDERS owner was this: “Do the best job humanly possible in the least amount of time; give customers excellent service around the clock; and never give up on solving a customer’s problem.” To meet that pledge, Roy, Havens, and their one-man crew answered service calls around the clock. In addition to building strong customer relationships and growing rapidly through word of mouth, this mindset resulted in forward-thinking motor repair and power systems solutions that still increase productivity and improve safety in mining, metals, and other heavy industries.

Roy was proud to be a long-time member of the Electrical Apparatus Service Association (EASA), which in 2008 awarded him the Exceptional Achievement Award. Long-lauded by peers and customers for his leadership, technical knowledge, problem-solving abilities and work ethic, Roy assumed the role of FLANDERS Chairman in 2008. His son, Dave Patterson, became president of the company the same year.

David Patterson – President

Dave Patterson - President & CEO

Dave began learning about electricity and electric motors at a young age while spending time at the shop doing odd jobs under the guidance of his dad, Roy Patterson. In high school, Dave’s passion for cars and his talent for auto mechanics grew into the desire to study electrical engineering. He graduated from the University of Evansville with a degree in electrical engineering in 1972 then joined FLANDERS full-time.

After gaining hands-on experience in many areas of the business, Dave and a partner became co-owners of FLANDERS in 1974. Dave was instrumental in launching second and third work shifts to accommodate the company’s growing service demands and to be there for customers around the clock. Over the next several years, Dave’s leadership was integral in the opening of four new shops and three facility expansions as well as the addition of the company’s engineering division. Meanwhile, FLANDERS continued to develop new innovations in motor repair and fabrication, improved armature windings, and other technology breakthroughs. With more than 42 years of service under his belt, Dave possesses micro-level knowledge and experience in all aspects of the company’s operations. He was named company president in 2008.

Allen Patterson – Chief Operating Officer

Allen Patterson - COO

Representing the third generation of Patterson leadership at FLANDERS, Allen is the son of company president Dave Patterson and the grandson of Roy Patterson. He learned at a very young age that customer service and quality work have been and always will be the foundation of FLANDERS’ success. In keeping with family tradition, Allen received an electrical engineering degree from the University of Evansville in 1997. Named Chief Operating Officer in 2004, he has more than 15 years of leadership experience within the company.

Allen played a key role in FLANDERS’ 2010 reorganization that has realigned the company’s business groups and leadership responsibilities to better position FLANDERS for sustainable, long-term growth in its core competencies of motor repair, field service, sales, training, technology, and new products. In addition, Allen personally leads business development activities within the company and with strategic industry partners – and he stays closely focused on nurturing and maintaining the company’s core values and principles as well as empowering employees with the tools, training, and trust needed to do the best work possible for customers.