Not What, but How and Why

The key takeaway from FLANDERS’ history isn’t the What: 65 years in business, over 30,000 percent increase in employees, and more than one million square feet of facility space across North and South America, Australia, and South Africa.

What’s truly important is How we got here: by consistently exceeding customer expectations and providing added value. For example, in the first ten years of operation after Roy Patterson and Bud Havens purchased the Evansville, Indiana-based Flanders Electric and retained the name, there were six expansions to keep up with customer demand.

Which brings us to the Why: FLANDERS remains privately owned and family operated, and we’ve held true to our original, absolute commitment: uncompromising quality, unrivaled service, and unmatched innovation.

It has always been and will remain a business about people.

That’s our history. That’s our success story.